Parenting Payment Calculator

Who can get it

  • You must be the principle carer for a child under 8 if you are single or under 6 if you'are partnered
    • you have the most amount of responsibility for all of their
      • day to day carer
      • welfare
      • development
    • Only one person at a time can be child's principle carer
      • If 2 people have equal care, they need to nominate who the principal carer is.
  • Meet residence rules
    • you must be an Australian resident and in Australian
    • you must pass the newly arrived resident's waiting period
      • 4 years waiting period for newly arrived resident
  • Not have claimed before the birth of the child
  • Meet the assets test and be under the income limits.

Other information

  • The rates are updated on 20 March and 20 September each year.
  • Parenting Payment is a taxable Centrelink payment.
  • If you’re eligible for Parenting Payment you will also get Energy Supplement.
  • You may also get Rent Assistance

Income changes

If you or your partner are paid any income, you need to tell the gov before your next payment. You must tell gov either:

Please answer some questions first to make sure you are eligible for this payment


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