Child Support Calculator

Please enter all parents' details in your child support case

What details do you need for parents?

1. Adjusted taxable income

A parent's adjusted taxable income is the total of the following components:

  • Taxable income
  • Adjusted fringe benefits
  • Foreigh income
  • Investment loss
  • Repotable super contributions

2. Details for any relevantd dependant children

  • Children that not included in your child support case
  • The child must be in parent's care for at least 128 nights a year (35%)
  • The child is under 18 years of age

Details for Parent 1

Details for Parent 2

Please enter all Non-parent carers' details in your child support case

Non-parent carers

A non-parent carer must have at least 35% care of the child to be entitled to receive child support.

But you still need to enter the details in order to calculate the child support amount correctly if the care percentage is less than 35%

List all children included in your child support case

The child is eligible only if

  • is under 18 years of age
  • is not a member of a couple, and
  • meets the residence requirements for a child support assessment.
    • the child is in Australia when the person makes the application
    • the child is an Australian citizen, or ordinarily resident in Australia on that day

Care percentage

  • You need to enter how many days per week the parent or non-parent look after the child
  • If the parent or non-parent carer doesn't look after child kid at all, just enter 0
  • Care percentages need to be calculated separetely if you have multiple children in your support case

Please list all children in your child support case

Child 1

What will affect the child support value?

The rules are bit complicated, but some key things below may help you understand it

You will potentially pay more child support to others when

  • You adjusted taxable income is increased
  • You spent less time to look after the children included in support case
  • Your cares to other relevant children are reduced
  • The children are getting older and the child cost are increasing

You will potentially pay less child support amount when

  • Male Total Average Weekly Earnings anounced by government is increased
    • It means the self support amount is increased
  • Your adjusted taxable income is reduced
  • You provide more cares to relevant dependant children
  • You provide more carer to the children in your support case

Child Support Result

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