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2595286181. Whilst learning to ride, you must:
2595288822. What is a likely effect when riding a motorcycle in the cold?
2595293163. In the diagram which motorcycles are in the cars blind spots?
2595510394. If your vehicle is impounded under anti-hoon legislation, all associated costs are the responsibility of:
2595514465. What must you wear if you are a passenger being carried in a sidecar?
2595516656. Which of these are legal requirements for pillion passengers?
2595518517. What type of footwear offers the most protection whilst riding a motorcycle?
2595520458. When riding in very heavy rain, a film of water can build between the tyres and the road which is known as “aquaplaning” which can result in lack of control. How can you avoid this happening?
2595522389. When should you consider increasing the tyre pressures on your motorcycle?
25955270710. What is recommended to help manage fatigue when riding, even if you are not tired?
25955291911. Which of these increases your stopping distance?
25955317412. In relation to riding at night, riders need to be able to:
25955364313. What is the main purpose of wearing reflective clothing whilst riding?
25955381314. What is the main reason for wearing sturdy clothing, including boots and helmet?
25958301015. Before riding off on a green traffic light what should you do?
25958316816. Which pair of factors should you take into account when determining crash avoidance space
25958328217. How long will it take an average rider who is fit, concentrating, alert and not affected by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or a distraction, to respond to a sudden and unexpected change in traffic conditions?
25958347618. When is it safest to apply your brakes?
25958361419. What can cause your motorcycle tyres to skid and lose their grip on the road surface?
25958381120. What should you do to move off safely from a parked position?