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2631748041. What does a broken white line down the centre of a road mean?
2631748052. Are people over 65 years of age required to wear a seat belt?
2631748073. Which vehicle must give way?
2631748084. Who must give way?
2631748095. What is the basic rule that applies to uncontrolled four-way intersections?
2631748106. Which of the following statements is correct?
2631748117. Which motorcycle is in the car driver's blind spot?
2631748128. When you want to cross an intersection, but you can see that the traffic ahead of you is banked up on the other side of the intersection, what must you do?
2631748149. At a railway crossing, are you allowed to cross if the train has passed, but the lights are still flashing?
26317481610. If you are travelling in a lane that has a left-turn arrow marked on the road, can you drive straight ahead?
26317483311. What does the continuous white line dividing the lanes mean?
26317483412. What is the minimum penalty for a novice driver with a BAC over 0.00%?
26317483513. What is the safest way to approach an intersection?
26317483614. Is vehicle X allowed to overtake vehicle Y?
26317483715. Are passengers allowed to travel in the back of a utility or in an open load space?
26317483816. Which of the following statements is correct?
26317483917. Are you allowed to park a vehicle on a footpath?
26317484018. Which vehicle must give way?
26317484119. Which vehicle must give way?
26317484220. What is the speed limit in built-up areas where there are no speed limit signs?