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a00011. Learner drivers will consistently make good driving decisions
a00022. What should be the main aim of a learner driver?
a00033. You are driving at 10 km/h below the speed limit on a straight road. You are about two seconds behind the vehicle in front. The only reason for moving closer to the car in front is
a00044. When entering a roundabout you must give way to
a00055. You are entering a lane of traffic from the side of the road. How long must you signal with your indicators before you pull out?
a00066. How should you drive out of a bend in the road?
a00077. You are driving at 100 km/h. What distance are you most likely to cover before you can stop?
a00088. What is the best advice for learner drivers about driving at night?
a00099. When is it advisable to drive more than the usual two seconds behind the vehicle in front?
a001010. David wants to use the GPS navigation system in his car. What can he do to reduce the risk of crashing?
a001111. Learner drivers with 120 hours of practice decrease their risk of crashing after they get their licence compared to drivers who have less practice. How much is the risk decreased?
a001212. Who has the highest risk of crashing?
a001313. You are stopped at a railway crossing without gates, booms or flashing lights. A train has just passed. What should you do?
a001414. You are approaching a railway crossing. A railway employee is signalling you to stop. You cannot see any trains coming. What should you do?
a001515. You want to park your vehicle. You must NOT park within 20 metres either side of
a001616. What should you do when you see horses on the road?
a001717. You are driving towards a pedestrian crossing. A pedestrian steps onto the crossing without looking. Who is responsible for avoiding a collision?
a001818. A tram stops ahead of your vehicle. Pedestrians get off the tram and wait to cross in front of you. You must stop
a001919. You are driving on a multi-lane freeway. There are no transit lanes. When are you allowed to drive in the right lane?
a002020. You are driving along a road with overhead lane signals. Which lane are you allowed to use?