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01de7593e7...1. You are behind a truck that is signalling and starting to turn left. The truck is displaying a 'Do not overtake turning vehicle' sign and is in the second lane from the left side of the road. You also want to turn left. What must you do?
03036c0fae...2. What does this sign mean?
043679f594...3. What does this sign mean?
045f8d7178...4. In what order do the vehicles go?
04c4b10249...5. You are driving vehicle A. You must give way to -
085fbeedf3...6. Which vehicle must give way?
0af770b88c...7. When entering a freeway using an on-ramp you must -
0bf0c968f2...8. Which one of the following statements is correct?
0c0302399e...9. When following directly behind another vehicle, what is a useful guide to estimate the minimum safe following distance for dry road conditions?
0d925c83fb...10. What is the minimum stopping distance before and after a bus stop?
0f0c3d45bb...11. You are driving vehicle A along a multi-lane road and the speed limit is 80 km/h or less, which lane or lanes can you travel in?
106ba5d64b...12. An emergency vehicle is sounding its alarm and quickly approaching your vehicle from behind. You must -
11503befe2...13. If you are turning at an intersection do you have to give way to pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into?
11eb247997...14. You are driving vehicle A. In what direction must you travel?
17c1d97581...15. You are in busy traffic and slow down for a cyclist. A driver behind you sounds their horn wanting you to pass the cyclist. What should you do?
1925032560...16. What does this sign mean?
1b5e4a3400...17. You are driving vehicle A on a multi-lane road. The road changes from multi-lane to single lane and you need to merge with other traffic. There are no lane markings.
1b646ed16b...18. What does this sign mean?
1cfa07f11d...19. What does this sign mean?
1e0acbf578...20. In what order should the vehicles go through the intersection?