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AD0041. To reduce the effect of alcohol before driving or riding you should -
AD0092. Before driving a motor vehicle or riding a motor cycle it is safest -
AD0123. Is it an offence to refuse to take a POLICE breath test?
AD0134. If you take medicine and then drink alcohol -
AD0155. Having 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks before driving -
AD0166. Even if you feel unaffected after drinking alcohol, you should -
AD0257. Alcohol is a depressant. This means -
AD0268. After drinking alcohol you could -
AD0279. Which of the following statements relating to motorcyclists and bicycle riders is correct?
AD03710. Consuming even small amounts of alcohol before riding may -
AD03811. What is the safest way to stay under the legal alcohol limit?
CG01312. What is meant by this sign on or near a bridge?
CG01713. Where there is parallel kerbside parking, are you allowed to double-park alongside a parked vehicle?
CG03014. You are driving at night with your headlights on high beam. When should you dip your headlights?
CG03115. You are driving in a 60 km/h zone, with only one lane for traffic in your direction. You see a bus ahead (with this sign displayed on the rear) signalling its intention to pull out from a bus stop, you should -
CG04316. If an oncoming vehicle crosses the centre line and is coming straight at you and you cannot stop, you should -
CG04517. If your vehicle is involved in an accident (regardless of the damage), what details must you give, to the other driver(s), if asked?
CG04618. If a vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident and a person is injured, what must you do after stopping?
CG04919. You should use your right-hand indicator when -
CG05220. When merging onto the freeway from the entrance, you should -