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AD0041. To reduce the effect of alcohol before driving or riding you should -
AD0092. Before driving a motor vehicle or riding a motor cycle it is safest -
AD0123. Is it an offence to refuse to take a POLICE breath test?
AD0134. If you take medicine and then drink alcohol -
AD0145. If you are driving a bus, taxi, hire-car, heavy motor vehicle (over 13.9 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass), or a vehicle with a dangerous load, it is an offence when the level of alcohol in your blood reaches -
AD0156. Having 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks before driving -
AD0167. Even if you feel unaffected after drinking alcohol, you should -
AD0258. Alcohol is a depressant. This means -
AD0269. After drinking alcohol you could -
AD02810. You are going to a party where everyone is drinking alcohol. What can you do to lower the risk of being in an alcohol related crash on the way home?
AD03111. If you are going out and going to drink alcohol, the best way to avoid having to drink and drive is to -
AD03312. When drivers have been drinking, the crashes they are involved in are generally -
AD03413. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, how many serious crashes involve alcohol?
AD03814. What is the safest way to stay under the legal alcohol limit?
AD04115. If you hold a learner or provisional licence class what is the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit?
CG00116. Can a P1 or P2 provisional driver legally instruct a learner driver?
CG00217. To progress to a P2 provisional licence, a P1 provisional driver must hold a P1 licence for a minimum period of -
CG00618. If one or two of your wheels run off the edge of the roadway, you should -
CG00719. If there are no lanes marked on the road, you should drive -
CG01020. If you intend to turn left, are you required to give a signal?