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0070d2657b...1. If you are not sure you have enough distance to overtake a vehicle ahead, you
0286ba5e45...2. As you approach an intersection, you should check for traffic on your left and right -
02d9f7b367...3. When driving in traffic lanes (as shown in the diagram), you may change your lane -
034ad2e574...4. What does this sign mean?
0390246e87...5. If you see a bicycle rider in the left lane of a multi-lane roundabout but you wish to proceed straight ahead in the right lane, you should:
03af972260...6. You are driving in a 60 km/h zone with only one lane for traffic in your direction. You see a bus ahead (with this sign displayed on the rear) signalling its intention to pull out from a bus stop. You should -
03b385305d...7. You are driving a car and want to pick up a passenger. The lane you want to stop in is a BUS LANE. Are you permitted to stop there?
03c197d005...8. A child between 4 years and under 7 years of age travelling in a car-
03c6dab857...9. You wish to turn left at this intersection. The traffic lights are red and you see this sign. You should -
04231d64e0...10. At night, if an oncoming vehicle's headlights dazzle you, you should -
0651f8ac1f...11. When merging onto a highway or freeway from an entry ramp/lane you should -
072ed1214d...12. It is early morning and there is no other traffic about. You approach an intersection when the traffic lights change from green to amber. What should you do?
07807af198...13. In which of the situations shown are you permitted to do a U-turn?
088b9f6862...14. You should expect this sign, when -
09cd66b2db...15. You come to an intersection that does not have traffic lights or signs. How do you decide when to drive straight ahead?
0a3aa9c21b...16. A GIVE WAY sign at an intersection means that you must -
0aa7abbdee...17. You are driving at 100 km/h in the country and pass this sign. What should you do?
0ae3e74df2...18. If you are a new driver and first start to drive at night you should -
0b4d9db051...19. If elderly people or children are on a pedestrian crossing you may need to -
0bd89ecb12...20. What does this sign mean?