Things to know for calling AOS
Things to know for calling AOS support team (18/08/2019 (2 years ago))

Assurance of Support (AOS)

AOS Official Number 132 850

What can 132 850 help you?

  1. Confirm whether they have received the files and whether files meet the requirements
  2. Check the current status of the application
  3. Check whether you miss the call from AOS

What information that 132 850 give you but you can not trust at all

  1. Put a note in your application and make it urgent - This is totally useless
  2. Tell you how many more weeks you need to wait - Treat it as a joke

How to avoid long time of waiting to call 132 850

  1. Call at 8:00 am in the morning
  2. Go to Centerlink Office and let staff there to dial for you

AOS Internal Phone

Due to the large number of calling to the internal phone, even you get the number, they probably won't do anything for you.

What AOS internal can help you

  1. Get phone interview directly
  2. Finalize your application directly

How to dial?

  1. Go to Centerlink and ask the staff to dial for you
  2. Call by yourself if you get the number but wish you good luck.
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