Safety tips for foreign driver driving in Australia
Be careful for the first time driving in Australia (19/12/2019 (2 years ago))


Driving on the left of the road, keeping right in the lane.

Driving on the left is easier since this is the most basic rule. Although mistakes will possibly be made when there is not much traffic, it is very easy to notice and it is so scary when you see cars are driving against you and you won't forget next time.

To right side foreign drivers, it is very easy to hit left kerb. To understand the reason, check the following picture.
After driving so many years in right side driving countries, drivers have got used to align with the left side of the car at the front and the left side of the road.
So before driver notices, he or she is already too close to or even already crossed the line on the left.

Keep yourself in the lane as close to the right as possible. You are sitting on the right of the car, so it is easier to control the space on the right and leave more space to the left.

Keep straight before turning

Some drivers have the habit that when they turn left for example, they will turn right a little bit first and then turn left. By doing this, the car will get more space on the left so it won't hit the left kerb.

But this is not a good idea in Australia, especially when you drive on some narrow roads in Sydney. When you turn left, there is no much space on the right to do the adjustment. Extra right turn will give you more chance to hit the running car on your right.

Don't loose your speed when you change lanes

Keep the same speed when you change lanes. Slowing down will only block the traffic at your back. The car on the other lane usually won't slow down to let you in.

Stop in front of the stop sign

Very important rule and it will save your life.

When there is stop sign but not a give way sign, usually means at the corner, it is very hard to see whether the car is coming or not until you stop before the line. Australian driver never slow down to across the corner if there is no stop or give way sign. If you don't stop and observe, but drive through directly, it is easy to hit by the car that is just crossing the corner.

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