How to write a good IT resume in Australia?
Tips to win among a sea of resumes (16/03/2020 (2 years ago))


How to write a good IT resume in Australia?


After submitting hundreds of applications, you may ask yourself, why so few agents contacts with me?

  1. Sea of resumes
    Due to the crazy competition of Australia IT job markets, most of applicants love to submit as many job applications as they can. It leads to the situation that for a non-famous IT position, the agent may receive hundreds of resumes. So most of time, you are competing the skills of writing a resume instead of doing the actual job.
  2. Fast resume filtering
    It may only takes a few seconds for an agent to filter a resume.
    a) No matching technology
    b) No local experience
    c) Lack of famous company experience
    d) No local address or mobile number

How to write an Australia resume?

  1. Delete all unnecessary country names, even a USA word in your CV will remind the agent that you don't have local experience.
  2. Use Australia local address and mobile number
  3. Use formal email address and email provider such as
  4. Highlight that you have qualified working visa in Australia
  5. Write cover letter for each position and highlight the matched keywords
  6. You can overstate your responsibility in your previous role
    You can even add some technical keywords in your previous project to match the job description. But before doing that, just make sure you are familiar with that technologies and you can handle the interview very well.
  7. Don't make up companies or your job title
    Most of company will hire third party company to do background check. They may even require police check in other countries you lived in before.

The last and most important thing is: Only apply for the position that matches your experience. Try your best to write a unique cover letter and resume for every position you are going to apply. The target of the cover letter and resume is to send a signal to the employer or agent: This position is made for you.

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