How to complete an AOS? (AOS step by step guide)
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Assurance of Support (AOS)

How to complete an AOS? (AOS step by step guide)


It takes a very long time to complete an AOS process. It is not only due to the low efficiency of Centerlink but also the big amount of mistakes made by them and unfamiliarity of AOS process.

Please remember: Never fully trust the information that AOS team gives you. Most of the time, they even know less than you.

High level process

  1. Receive an AOS invitation letter from Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  2. Submit documents. You can either submit them in Centerlink Office or Centerlink Online (Login through MyGov)
  3. Phone Interview. A staff from AOS will call you to illustrate your responsibility as an assurer. Just say yes and OK.
  4. Receive an BG (Bank Guarantee) invitation letter.
  5. Make a BG in Commonwealth Bank and submit 2 dcuments to Centerlink AOS.
  6. Get AL (Approval Letter) and sent it to Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


The assurer can be either individual, joint individual or company. And you must pass the Eligibility Test

As an individual or joint individual

  1. Pass the Income Test
  2. Must be able to permanently living in Australia. (Permanent Resident or Citizen)
  3. At least 18 years old
  4. Provide the Identity Confirmation files.
  5. Can provide a certain amount of financial guarantee.
  6. Less than 2 person being assured by you. (Maximum 2 persons)
  7. $5,000 one person or $7,000 two persons for a 2 years guarantee
  8. $10,000 one person or $14,000 two persons for a 10 years guarantee

As a company

  1. Provide registration
  2. Provide recent steady trading history before the date they apply
  3. Provide tax returns
  4. Provide letters from their accountant, or
  5. Provide statement from the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC)
  6. Less than 2 person being assured by you. (Maximum 2 persons)
  7. $10,000 for a 2 years guarantee
  8. $20,000 for a 10 years guarantee

Not eligible?

  1. You can find another person to assure together
  2. You can find another person or company by agent or relations

No matter what kinds of relationship you have with the new assurer, please make sure you check the files and follow up the process by yourself

Details process and something you should be careful about.

1. Receive the AOS invitation

Department of Immigration and Border Protection will send you an email for all additional documents you have to submit. AOS invitation letter is just at the last several pages in the PDF attachment in that email.

This letter is a mandatory document when you submit your AOS which means You can not submit AOS without this invitation.

2. Document Preparation

2.1 Documents for individual

  • Identity files for details please reference official link
  • CRN of Centerlink
  • Proof the residency status. (Citizenship certificate or VEVO for permanent resident )
  • Proof of income for the previous financial year such as Notice of Tax Assessments
  • Evidence of ongoing income. This can be
    • 2 recent consecutive payslips
    • a letter from your accountant
    • a letter from your employer, or
    • a profit and loss statement

2.2 Documents for Company

  1. Proof of identity documents for the person applying on behalf of the organisation
  2. Proof the organisation has an address in Australia - this can be an active Australian Business Number
  3. Evidence of recent trading history for the organisation - this can be a tax return or a letter from a registered accountant
  4. Proof the authorised person can sign on behalf of the organisation
  5. Evidence the incorporated organisation is on the Australian Business Register website

3. Submit documents

3.1 Submit Online

  1. If you have MyGov account, you can submit documents on Centerlink Website by MyGov
  2. If you have a CRN,you can follow official help to register an account on MyGov
  3. If you don't have a CRN,You have to go to Centerlink Office to get a CRN and then use it to create MyGov Account

3.2 Submit in Centerlink Office

  1. Need to fill in form
  2. You should sign it in front of a staff in Centerlink

3.3 Submission Confirmation

No matter how you choose the submit AOS documents, you should call AOS official number [1] and ask the staff to help you check whether your files are OK.

4. Submit Additional Documents and Follow Up

You may be required to submit additional documents.

5. Phone Interview

Phone interview is the slowest step and also the most important one.

Congratulations if get phone interview. It means all your files have been reviewed and if you have enough money for BG, your case will be finalized for sure.

5.1 Why you have to wait so long?

  1. AOS is processed based on a weird and un-reasonable order which means the case submitted later than you may get processed earlier. This is also the reason why AOS gets so many complains.
  2. They may lose your files if you submit documents through Centerlink office. So this is reason call AOS official number [1:1] to confirm your files have been received.
  3. If Centerlink called you and you missed it. They won't call you again, instead AOS team will mail you a letter to notify you that you have been called. And you need to call a number (AOS internal number) in mail to reach them.

5.2 How can you get the phone interview faster?

  1. Make sure that you submit all files required and call AOS official number [1:2] to confirm.
  2. If you have already waited very long time, you'd better call AOS official number [1:3] to ask whether you have missed the call.
  3. Issue a complain if you have enough reason.
  4. Call AOS internal number, for details please check things to know for calling AOS
  5. Phone interview call happen at 8am on Saturday

5.3 Phone Interview Details

Just tell you your responsibility. Easy to pass by keep saying Yes.

6. Get Bank Guarantee Invitation Letter

After phone interview, AOS team will mail or email you the Bank Guarantee Invitation Letter.

You call also go to Centerlink office and print there. How to deal with Centerlink for AOS Application

7. Get Bank Guarantee Done

  1. In CommonWealth bank
  2. You may need to make an appointment if you plan to go to a small branch
  3. Better in the morning
  4. Need $150 cash
  5. If you have CommonWealth bank account, just make sure you have enough money on CommonWealth bank
  6. If you don't have a CommonWealth bank account, you need a bank cheque
  7. Take the invitation letter with you

8. Submit BG files

Submit online or in Centerlink office. Remember to call AOS official number [1:4] to confirm

9. Get Approval Letter

The Approval Letter can be received in MyGov inbox or your mail box.
If you have waited very long time after submitting BG documents, you can try to go to Centerlink office and ask.
If your application has been finalized, you can print your AL in Centerlink office.

  1. AOS Official Phone Number:132 850 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

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