How to choose a plumber?
Some experience and guides for how to find and deal with a plumber (16/03/2020 (2 years ago))


How to choose a plumber?

Where to find a plumber?

There are several good websites can be used.

By using this website, you can find the plumbers with the best rate. And you can even post your job descriptions and wait for others to contact with you.

How to choose a plumber

  1. Pricing
    There are several different charges.
    Call out Fee
    Most of the plumbers have a fee named Call out fee. This is a fee for just asking him to come to your place. No matter what he will do next even he doesn't do anything, you have to pay him. So before asking them to come, confirm the Call out fee first. You can pick the services with Zero call out fee.
    Hourly Fee
    Some services charge every half an hour. The most expensive rate I know is 799 per hour.
    Equipment Fee
    Any equipments used might be charged hourly.
    Usually they will only tell you the price without GST which means you needs to pay 10% more of the final price.
  2. Rating
    Please focus on the overall rate and the worst comment you can see. The company may hire other people to write good comments for them.
  3. Patience
    Keep asking important questions, if they are not patient at all, usually means they have too much work to do and they don't care about you.
  4. No too expensive or too cheap
    If your work is big, bigger company with higher rate might be a good choice. Smaller company may doesn't have a better equipment for the job.
  5. Always asking for a fixed price before starting any job. A price range like quote will always take you to the highest price.

Some useful experiences

  1. Rain water drainage might get big issues. It may cost you up to 10,000 dollars to fix.
  2. Gutter Guard can prevent leaves and seeds to flow into your drainage which can grow and break your sewage.
  3. Try avoid putting too much oils into your drainage. Use paper tower to wipe it before washing with water.
  4. House insurance doesn't cover the cost of repairing rain water drainage.
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