AOS Progress Sharing
A place to share your Assurance of Support progress

An assurance of support (AOS) is a legal agreement you make with government to help someone get a visa to live in Australia. And it is reviewed and processed by Centerlink.

There are several issues or faults made by Centerlink which could slow down your process:

  • AOS Applications are not processed based on submission time priority. It means the application submitted much later than yours could be finished or approved much earlier than yours and there is no proper reason for that.
  • The files you submitted could be lost for no reason.
  • Your application could be ignored. It means if you don't do anything, your application might be forgotten there forever.
  • Calling 132 850 doesn't help, don't trust it.

Due to the slowness, low efficiency, un-transparency and lack of resource of Centerlink, it may take up to 205 days to complete the whole process. These pages are created for public to share all the useful information with each other and help you decide what actions to do to speed up your progress.

We totally received 9 AOS records during the past 2 years. 5 of them are completed and 4 of them are in progress. Currently AOS average processing time is 128 days, max processing time is 205 days and minimum processing time is 41 days.


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